Rockin’ the school crossin’

This smiling sky with its spread of blue and splash of white is a gentle coverall for night where what’s dark and deep can lie in state a while. We hold so much at bay with dikes we’ve made from scraps of time and sand bags sewn and filled between preparing meals and worrying over bills. Today I walk between my two daughters with their plaited hair and skipping stride, their collective gap toothed smile on our way to school, crossing roads look right look left and guessing games and rhymes. I am carrying their bags heavy with my pride. What a thing it is to know your life after all the stresses and the trials has come to this. Two little girls who know their times tables who can read and write and need no other religion than the curriculum and the yard with its gods and myths and apocryphal stories that will die on a daily basis and be reborn and transformed in art and music and fights and tears at night and dreams that make everything aright. I know I will hang like a stubborn tooth to the last living root of my life and I’ll dream and scheme way beyond my capacity to make anything manifest but check out these two will ya rockin’ the school crossin’! This moment I am gladder than the wind that spreads the clouds thin and prouder than the blue that dies every day and hopes to be renewed.


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